How to compress Derby?
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How to compress Derby?


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


How to compress Derby?



Release: ATSAGE99000-11.3-Workload Automation AE-Remote Agent


After a while, Derby disk space has to be returned to the operating system.

Even if the  purge operation is properly done, Derby does not release disk space to the operating system.

To achieve that, Derby database has to be compressed.

Steps are:

Run 'ustat' to check if the WCC are up and running:

               CA Services Status Report


           Component Name               Pid        Status

------------------------------------  -------  --------------

CA-wcc-services Server                  29036  running

CA-wcc-db Server                        28960  running

CA-wcc Server                           29178  running

Then stop all of them with:

unisrvcntr stop CA-wcc

unisrvcntr stop CA-wcc-services

unisrvcntr stop CA-wcc-db

Save Derby database with a tar command:

cd /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby

tar cvf /tmp/DB_FILES.tar ./DB_FILES/*

Copy attached file "derby_compress_.table" to /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/lib and ensure OS owner/group and permissions are same as the other files

If you don't have write access to /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/lib, you can copy it somewhere else.

Increase  Derby memory in file /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/conf/wrapper.conf

# Java Application

(Later on you can keep these values to improve Derby performances)

To get the current size of the derby database, you can run:

du -sk /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/DB_FILES/WCC_MAIN/seg0

Start Derby with:

 unisrvcntr start CA-wcc-db

Executed CA-wcc-db start.........................................OK

cd /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/lib

java -jar derbyrun.jar ij

 ij version 10.8

 ij> connect 'jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/WCC_MAIN' user 'wcc' password 'wcc';

       Indeed if wcc is not the password, you'll have to replace it by yours

       When logged on in derby, run this command to get the list of derby tables

To check if Derby responds properly, run

 ij> show tables;

Then run the procedure with

run '/opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/lib/derby_compress.table';

It might be possible to get errors with tables 'ECLI_HISTORY' and ''WCC.ECLI_SAVED_COMMAND' because they don't exist if you never ran ECLI commands in WCC

To exit Derby, type quit;

Check new disk space with:

du -sk /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/DB_FILES/WCC_MAIN/seg0

And finally start the 2 other WCC services with:

unisrvcntr start CA-wcc

unisrvcntr start CA-wcc-services


If for whatever reason there is a problem during this compress operation, rename ' /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/derby/DB_FILES ' and restore the tar file taken at the beginning of this procedure.

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