Role Capacity and Role Capacity Histogram returns a system error
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Role Capacity and Role Capacity Histogram returns a system error


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The ‘Role Capacity’ and ‘Role Capacity Histogram’ portlets return a System Error if ETC is added to the Role Capacity TSV and user Filters for a Priority Range.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate Resource Planning, Capacity Tab, Role Capacity portlet.  
  2. Click on the Configure Icon on this portlet.
  3. Under the List Filter Section add the 'Priority' field to the filter, if not already there.
  4. Under the List Column Section, Click on Fields, then the properties Icon to the Demand/Capacity column.
  5. For the Value Attributes on this Time Scale, add ETC to the Selected section. Save and Return.
  6. Then on the Role Capacity portlet enter any two values for the Priority Range between 0 and 36
  7. Click on Filter

Expected Result: Results are returned

Actual Result: No results are returned and a System Error appears on the portlet.

Additionally, adding ETC to the Time Scale on the 'Role Capacity' portlet causes the 'Role Capacity Histogram' portlet to return a System Error as well when filtering for a Priority on the Histogram portlet, even though no changes have been made to the Filter or List configuration on this second portlet. ETC is not present in the TSV of the Histogram portlet, but still we see the same behavior as the 'Role Capacity' portlet. Once we remove the ETC from the 'Role Capacity' TSV, both portlets can now be filtered with using a Priority range without any error.


This has been documented as CLRT-76478 and reviewed by development.  It has been determined that this will not be fixed.


Change the Display Type on the Priority field from ‘Number Range’ to ‘Text Entry’. However, this limits the priority values to one value at a time opposed to a range of values.