How to find a program in the CA Intertest for CICS PROTSYM file?
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How to find a program in the CA Intertest for CICS PROTSYM file?


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When your application programs are compiled or assembled, symbolic information about the program is written to various reports in the output listing. A program called a postprocessor reads the output listing, collects the symbolic information, and stores it in a CA InterTest for CICS symbolic repository called a PROTSYM file. The programs are stored by program name.



The CICS systems programmer can configure CA InterTest for CICS to have multiple PROTSYM files defined to a particular CICS region. With this configuration several versions of the same program could be define to CA InterTest for CICS. 


After the symbolic information has been stored in the PROTSYM, you can check to see what PROTSYM file a program resides in by using the ITST MENU transaction or by entering a CNTL command from a clear screen in CICS. In the example below three PROTSYM files are define to CICS. They are PROTSYM, PROTCOM and PROTUSR.


To use ITST  menu please do the following.


Enter ITST at a CLEAR screen in CICS and press the Enter key 


1  Source                  - Display/select program source files/listings

2  Symbolic files     - Display/select program source SYMBOLIC files


After selecting option 2 above a list of symbolic files is displayed. The user then has to select EACH PROTSYM file and find the program in question. Enter S next to the any of the files listed below and press the enter key.


    File               Data set name                                                            



_ PROTUSR    TEST.PROTUSR                  

   *** End of data ***



Release: OSINBV00200-9.1-InterTest-Batch