Using WBEMTEST to troubleshoot sms extractor
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Using WBEMTEST to troubleshoot sms extractor


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This article is limited to guiding the user to connect to the SCCM db using the WBEMTEST utility, for the purpose of mocking the sms extractor functionality. The steps listed here may be used to troubleshoot data related issues and connectivity problems as initial route for investigation.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence


Using Wbemtest to run SMS extractor queries:

  1. Open the WBEMTEST utility from the ‘Run’ prompt or the command prompt. (You may choose to do this on the SCCM server or connect remotely, either way would work)


This will result in the utility console opening up, which looks like this:


  1. You may now click on Connect and enter the namespace, username and password as applicable(if connecting locally as admin, username and password may not be needed, so try entering the correct namespace and click on connect):


Please note that the connection must be using ‘IWbemLocator[Namespaces]’ and must return ‘IWbemServices’ as highlighted above. These two options are typically by default, but must be cross checked by the user.

It is important to ensure that the namespace is entered correctly here. If the user is not aware of the correct namespace string, they may check the TRC_SMS_EX_*.log file and use the following highlighted substring from their logs:


  1. Once connection is so established, the user will be able to see the greyed out boxes on the console as now available:


  1. At this point, the user must click on ‘Query’ and key in the appropriate query as taken from the sms extractor logs, a sample is shown below:




The so copied query is pasted in the box provided in wbemtest.


Click on apply and the results will be displayed similar to the following:


NOTE:  For running queries from within the SCCM console, kindly follow the MSDN article:


In case of issues where there are no results returned to specific queries of the SMS extractor, I recommend that the user follow the KB article listed above and run the queries from within the SCCM console to check to see if the data that is found missing by the SMS extractor indeed exists or not.