Capabilities of Dispatch to write it's output
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Capabilities of Dispatch to write it's output


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


CA Dispatch as a stand-alone product only has the ability to write report data to the JES queue, its own online viewing files and to its archive volsers.


CA Dispatch has the ability to "ARCHIVE" a report to a dataset. However, the report data is written in an encrypted format thus making the actual report data UNREADABLE to any application or process outside of CA Dispatch.


Alternatively, If CA Dispatch output is sent to the JES queue on HOLD and/or with some other special identifying characteristics, there is other 3rd party software that can pick it up from JES and write it to a disk/flat file for you. For example, CA Dispatch can send output to CA SPOOL and CA SPOOL can write the output to a dataset. CA Spool can also EMAIL CA Dispatch output.


Other possible options include using a TSO, SDSF, SYSVIEW or IOF command to write or copy the data from the JES queue to a flat file manually. The data that gets written out to the JES queue by CA Dispatch for PRINT is not in an encrypted format.


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch