IPC FMIDs and general information
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IPC FMIDs and general information


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This article explains what IPC stands for , what the components are and what the names of the SMP/E FMIDS are. 





IPC refers to the InterProduct Components (EDK, PDF, PMS, PSS, SCF, VLS, and VPE).

A short description of the components:                                                                

* Virtual Library System (VLS)                

      A library access method used to store panels, message members, control blocks and user programs.                                   

* Session Control Facility (SCF)                     

      A task dispatcher that provides a variety of high-level services that process menus and PF keys, and handle commands.            

* Print Sub-System (PSS)                           

      A set of routines that provides system and network printing services for a variety of products.   

 * Panel Management Services (PMS)             

      A set of services used to acquire, send, receive, manage and process panels built using PDF as well as fields contained in the panels.  

* Panel Definition Facility (PDF)                  

      A facility used to build the user panels and applications that are managed and processed at run-time by PMS.                               

* Editor Kernel (EDK)                               

      A text editing facility.          

* Virtual Processing Environment (VPE)            

     A processing environment that provides independence from the TP monitor and operating system.


Prior to IPC 14.0, each component had its own FMID.  Starting with IPC 14.0 , although still a suite of seven components, it now only has 2 FMID's.  One for CICS and one for Batch. 

For IPC 14.0 :

 CAVQE00 - this FMID is for batch                                                                        

 CAVQE05 - this FMID is for CICS specific modules

For IPC 15.0:

CAVQF00 - this FMID is for batch                                                                        

CAVQF05 - this FMID is for CICS specific modules

For IPC 15.1:

CAVQF10 - this FMID is for batch

CAVQF15 - this FMID is for CICS specific modules


The IPC dependent products and the IPC components they require are:     

Product            EDK     PDF     PMS     PSS     SCF     VLS     VPE           

Ideal                   X         X          X          X          X           X          X  

Datacom/DB      X                      X                      X           X          X

DATAQUERY                                                     X                      

DATADICTIONARY                                            X