How to maintain old product release in CA CSM
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How to maintain old product release in CA CSM


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)



You just installed the new release of CA CSM to replace a very old release.  The installation is complete, and the product list has been updated. Prior to this install you had CA-1 r12.0 still being used so you migrated the CA-1 CSI into CA CSM, but you find that CA-1 version 12.0 does not show up under Software Products. You see only the current release 12.6 is displayed.

How do you get the CA-1 r12.0 zones fully incorporated into CA CSM environment so you can continue to maintain them?



Because CA-1 r12.0 is no longer a supported release and therefore not downloadable from the CA support site, it will not be added to your CA Product list when you perform an "Update Complete Product List". What you need to do is as follows:

1. From the PRODUCTS tab (previously displayed as Software Catalog), click on "Add Product" from the Action area.

2. Enter the information...
    Vendor: CA
    Product: CA 1 Tape Management - MVS
    Release: 12.0
    Genlevel: 0000
    ...and click OK

3. You should now see CA-1 release 12.0 in your product list. Right click on r12.0 and select "Get Latest Maintenance". This will allow all r12.0
    maintenance packages to be downloaded from CSO into the CA CSM catalog.

4. Click on SMP/E ENVIRONMENTS tab and select the CA-1 r12.0 CSI that you previously migrated in.

5. Now you can manage your CSI. Clicking on >Maintenance will allow you to view available maintenance and take appropriate actions.


Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager