Failed to load module W2KNamespace.dll
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Failed to load module W2KNamespace.dll


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When performing operations against a endpoint that uses the C++ Connector Server (CCS), you get a pop-up error: 

" Failed to load module W2KNamespace.dll"






Release: 14.x
Component: Identity Manager


This error can be caused by the following:

1 - CA Message Queuing (CAM) not running or was removed.


Start the CA Message Queuing Server or reinstall the connector server which will redeploy the CA Message Queuing Server service on the machine.

2 - CA Message Queuing (CAM) not being in the path. 


Check the SYSTEM Path on the Connector Servers and make sure that the PATH contains something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SharedComponents\CAM\bin


It should point to the CAM bin folder. Make sure the PATH environment variable does not point to any non-existing CAM locations.

If you adjust the PATH variable restart the machine.


You can also try downloading Dependency Walker and then run depends.exe and try to open the W2KNamespace.dll file.

There maybe some files missing under CAM.


3 - Missing dependency: .NET 3.5

The CCS requires .NET 3.5 to function. This is in addition to any later version that you might already have on your system. 

This problem is sometimes seen on 64bit machines. The CCS is a 32bit process and cannot work with the 64bit libraries. 

Launch Server Manager and select Manage > Add Roles and Features from the Menu bar. Follow the Add Roles and Features Wizard, at Features section select .NET Framework 3.5, click Next and Install button.