EDR: How to add a partition_id to cb.core.conf
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EDR: How to add a partition_id to cb.core.conf


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


Add partition_id field to a core so it is loaded properly


  • EDR Server: 6.x and Higher
  • cb.core.conf is missing the partition_id field 


  1. Copy the partition_id field from the a newer core in /var/cb/data/solr*/cbevents/
  2. Paste the value into the affected core
  3. Change the last 4 digits to make the ID less than the original ID
  4. Restart services

Additional Information

  • Cores are named by their creation date. New cores will have a more recent date
  • Example
    • cbevents_2020_09_09_2121 is missing the partition_id
    • cbevents_2020_09_15_0307 is newer and has partition_id = 104866724184064
    • cbevents_2020_09_09_2121 cb.core.conf would be updated to have a value like partition_id = 104866724184000