Endpoint Standard: How To Create Groups Based on Domain/Hostname?
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Endpoint Standard: How To Create Groups Based on Domain/Hostname?


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Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard (formerly Cb Defense)


Provide guidance on creating Sensor Groups in the Carbon Black Cloud (CBC) Console


  • Endpoint Standard (formerly CB Defense PSC) Console: All Versions
  • Endpoint Standard Sensor: 3.1.x.x and Higher (Windows), 3.2.x.x and Higher (Mac)
  • Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions
  • Apple macOS: All Supported Versions
  • Mass Sensor Management (MSM), aka Sensor Groups


  1. Go to Endpoints
  2. Click '+Add Group' button
  3. Click 'Continue and create group' button on group creation pop-up
  4. Enter a Group Name as desired
  5. Select OS criteria
    Any, Windows, Mac
  6. Set 'Sensors that meet... of these criteria will be added to this group' to 'all' or 'any' as desired
  7. Set 'Select criteria' field
    Active Directory Organizational Unit
    Active Directory Domain
    Active Directory Distinguished Name
    Device Name
  8. Set second drop-down as desired
    is equal to
    is not equal to
    starts with
    ends with
  9. Enter desired text for matching
  10. Add additional Criteria by clicking the Add icon (+) to the far-right of the line added in the above steps if desired
  11. Select the Policy to assign to Sensors meeting the criteria of the Sensor Group
  12. Click 'Save'
  13. Click 'Add Group'

Additional Information

When creating MSM Groups for auto-assigning Sensors to Policies, it is important to remember the following

  • Domain Name is case sensitive (use both uppercase and lowercase variations)
  • Hostname/Device Name is case sensitive (use both uppercase and lowercase variations)
  • Use a double backslash (\\) between Domain and Hostname (domain\\hostname)
  • Add criteria in descending order of specificity (i.e., most specific to least specific) to avoid mix-ups
  • Case sensitivity and the need for a double backslash will be resolved in future releases of the Endpoint Standard Web Console
  • Ordering criteria is important to make sure shorter character strings are not errantly matched within longer strings
  • The Active Directory Domain should match the Domain Name listed under the Distinguished Names of your devices


Domain, Hostname, and backslashes

  • yourdomain\\hostname
  • YOURDOMAIN\\hostname
  • yourdomain\\HOSTNAME

Ordering Criteria

  • YourDomain\\SECURITY
  • YourDomain\\IT
    IT can be found in Security, so filter out the devices with Security in the name before those with just IT in the name