App Control: How to Manually Increase Config List Version Number
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App Control: How to Manually Increase Config List Version Number


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


To increase the Current CL Version of the Server manually.


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft SQL Server: All Supported Versions


  1. Determine the highest CL Version currently reported by any Agent:
    • Login to the Console and navigate to¬†Assets > Computers.
    • Set the Saved View to (none) and add the Column: CL Version.
    • Sort on CL Version (Descending) and note the highest CL Version.
  2. Note the Current CL Version and subtract the difference (Ex: Current CL Version: 49651. Highest Agent CL: 52702. Difference: 3,051)
  3. Login to the application server as the Carbon Black Service account and open SQL Server Management Studio.
  4. Connect to the DAS database and execute the following query (substitute <NUMBER> for the Difference found):
    use das;
    exec dbo.BumpConfigListVersion <NUMBER>;
  5. Verify the Current CL Version has increased accordingly.

Additional Information

  • Server CL version can be seen on the Assets > Computers page, if the page is already open, refresh the page and verify the number updates.
  • CL version should be bumped up higher than the highest CL version currently reported by any Agent.
  • Replace <NUMBER> with the desired amount you want to increase the CL version by.
  • This procedure is used in situations where agents have a higher CL version than the server, such as the following:
    • Reverting the DAS database to an older backup
    • CL version in the database was otherwise¬†altered to a value below what is currently in the environment