App Control: Agent Consumes High CPU with 'dtex' Application Installed
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App Control: Agent Consumes High CPU with 'dtex' Application Installed


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


Top command consistently reports high CPU usage with b9daemon process, at times as high as 80% usage. 


  • App Control Agent: All Versions
  • DTEX Intercept application: All Versions
  • Linux: All Supported Versions


App Control Agent is tracking file operations being performed by DTEX processes.


Add 'kernelProcessExclusions' parameter for Agent(s) per following steps:
  1. Open following URL -> https://<app_control_ servername>/agent_config.php
  2. Select 'Add Agent Config'
  3. Add following information, then select Save:
a. Property Name: kernelProcessExclusions for dtex
b. Value: kernelProcessExclusions=/opt/dtex/*:4192127
c. Host Id: 0
d. Platform: Linux
e. Status: Enabled
f. Create For: All Current and Future Policies (Note: If needed, 'Selected policies' can also be used)

Additional Information

  • The '4192127' value will ignore all file operations except Execute and ScriptExecute.
  • The value of '2094975' should be used for Agents on v7.2.2 and below
  • Enter host_id of Agent to test on specific machine