EDR: How to Enable Solr Search Debug Logging
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EDR: How to Enable Solr Search Debug Logging


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


Enable Solr debug logging to troubleshoot long running queries


  • EDR Server: 7.x and Higher


  1. Edit /etc/cb/solr/log4j2.xml
  2. Delete the comment lines shown in red, both lines above (<--) and below (-->) the debug logging line are removed
    <AsyncLogger name="com.carbonblack.cbfs.solr.handler.CbSearchRequestHandlers" level="DEBUG" /> 
  3. Reproduce the search issue. If this is a watchlist timeout, the job will run every 10 minutes
  4. After reproduction, use the following command to back up the debug and restore normal logging
    mv /etc/cb/solr/log4j2.xml /etc/cb/solr/log4j2.xml.debug && cp /etc/cb/solr/log4j2.xml.template /etc/cb/solr/log4j2.xml

Additional Information

  • No service restart is required for Solr to pick up the new logging settings
  • Since this setting is trying to find long running search queries, logs for troubleshooting should be collected no sooner than 30 minutes after reproducing the issue. 
  • Debug logging will list all queries active and completed every 10 seconds
  • Restarting the services will also cause EDR to replace the existing log4j2.xml with the log4j2.xml.template
  • For Solr debugging to survive a restart of the services the log4j2.xml.template can be modified