EDR Server: Event Ingest Rate Decreases After Server Restart
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EDR Server: Event Ingest Rate Decreases After Server Restart


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


  • Event and binary ingest rate decreases after server restart
  • Growing backlog queue¬†
  • Nginx access.log shows a growing number of 503s after restart
  • Nginx submit requests show longer response times even if successful


  • EDR Server: 7.6.x
  • Site Throttling Enabled


Sensor site throttling was applied previously, but did not get applied until after restart


  • The actual behavior is expected with site throttling, the issue is that site throttling wasn't enabled sooner
  • If the backlog is unacceptable, site throttling settings will need to be increased or disabled

Additional Information

  • Site throttling reduces the amount of data accepted at a specified time. At those times, it would be expected that less sensor data would be ingested and backlog would increase
  • 503 responses from the server are used to indicate that the sensor should retry sending data later. This is expected behavior if site throttle limits have been reached