EDR: Unloading the Linux Sensor Module Fails
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EDR: Unloading the Linux Sensor Module Fails


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


Message received when running `rmmod cbsensor`
rmmod: ERROR: could not remove 'cbsensor': Device or resource busy


  • EDR Sensor: All Supported Versions
  • Linux: All Supported Versions


As of sensor 6.1.7, cbsensor requires that ​rmmod or similar calls that unload the cbsensor module be invoked twice to fully unload the module.


  • Execute the command a second time after the error
    • Example
rmmod cbsensor

Additional Information

  • The cbsensor detects if system call or LSM hooks have been modified since cbsensor loaded.
  • If these hooks have been modified, then cbsensor refuses to unload to prevent a kernel crash and the EDR Sensor is not operational until the situation is resolved.
  • The first call to unload checks and restores the system call LSM hooks, if it is safe to do so, and returns error EBUSY while it restores these hooks.
  • The second call succeeds if system calls and LSM hooks have not been modified since cbsensor was first loaded.