App Control: Unified Management of App Control servers on different versions
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App Control: Unified Management of App Control servers on different versions


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


Is is possible to use Unified Management in an App Control environment where App Control servers are on a different version?


  • App Control Server: 8.x and higher 
  • Windows Server: All Supported Versions


Yes this is possible. Having all App Control servers on version 8.0.0 and higher is required, as this is the version of App Control that introduced Unified Management. Other requirements are:
  1. Have App Control v8.0.0 or later installed on the management server and all systems that it will manage, and have connectivity between the servers.
  2. Make sure security protocols are compatible among servers; if one server is using the TLS 1.2 protocol only, all servers must use it.
  3. Have a console account on the management server that has the Administrator (Unified Management) role enabled.
  4. Choose a management server and enable Unified Management on that server on the System Configuration page.
  5. Add each managed client server on the System Configuration page of the management server; this requires providing its URL and authenticating access by entering a username and password for a user on the client server, and also requires
    that the client server be at the minimum version number shown on the configuration page.

Additional Information

Please see App Control User Guides and Documentation for further information and reference. Detailed information on Unified Management can be found in the App Control User Guides.