App Control: VDI dominant environment cause huge server backlog
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App Control: VDI dominant environment cause huge server backlog


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


VDI dominant environment cause huge server backlog


  • App Control: All Versions


  • Clone inventory configuration property when set to "All Files" cause App Control Server to automatically initialize a clone's file inventory
    based on the files present on the template
  • As soon as a clone is detected, the inventory from its template is copied into the clone’s inventory
  • Any future file additions or changes are also applied to the clone inventory. This is the default setting
  • This cause clone to sync up duplicate files inherited from the template and hence contributing to the backlog.


For non-persistent VDIs, consider configuring clone inventory property to "New and modified files" to avoid syncing duplicate files as follows:
  1. Login to App Control Console
  2. Navigate to Assets -> Computers 
  3. Locate the template computer using the Template Computers view or some other method
  4. Click on the View Details button or the template computer name.
  5. Click on the Template Settings tab
  6. In the Clone Inventory field, choose the radio button for "New and Modified files"
  7. Click Save

Additional Information

For more information on configuring clone inventory option and its impact, please review section "Configuring Clone Inventory" in "Managing Virtual Machines" chapter in the User's Guide