Longnamed elements incorrectly parsed after RO74518 ia applied
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Longnamed elements incorrectly parsed after RO74518 ia applied


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After RO74518 is applied, a long named element in a processor may get a syntax error. If the name spans more than one line, you can get a syntax error during processor execution: BSTPPARS: E004 INVALID COMMAND WORDING, FOUND. The error only shows a section of the long element name. The resolution is to enable wrapping:

To turn on wrapping of longname symbolic, the processor needs to have in its header a symbolic C1WRAP set to 'Y'. If it is set to anything else or is not presented at all, the following paragraph will not apply (no wrapping will occur).                                                    
Using the longname symbolic (with length over 72 characters) Endevor will try to split it on several lines either of these ways:                                     

1. If there is continuation character on 72 column and numeric characters on 73-80 columns, it will do substitution without any split to preserve the behavior when continuation is coded.                       
2. If there are blank characters on 72-80 columns and a symbolic longer than 72 is used, the substitution will occur and the line will be split on several lines with length 72. If there are spaces in the substituted line, Endevor will try to split it on the space character if it's possible.                                                          

Note 1: If SCL syntax is used in the instream, Endevor will join lines without space character if the split is in the middle of name in apostrophes. Therefore if the name contains spaces, split it manually with substring to keep the spaces in the correct positions.                   
Note 2: BPXBATCH is using different approach to joining more lines in the in-stream. It will join them with additional space character between them.
Because of this, user has to edit this string to remove those space characters to get original string (if it didn't contain spaces).         





Component: ENDBAS