The coracleanup returns "Registration Failed" message.
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The coracleanup returns "Registration Failed" message.


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The corautil.log or corautil.log.n(n=numeric) might have the following log.

Exception:  Duplicate ErrorReason A subschema passed in the same properties with different source UUIDs Old UUID <EXISTED UUID1> New UUID <EXISTED UUID2> __FILE__ coraapi.cpp __LINE__ 5087__DATE__ May 17 2012 __TIME__ 02:38:28

The following SQL query will show you the records that the above error log mentions.

select serial_number, resource_tag, host_name, dns_name,mac_address, resource_name from ca_owned_resource where own_resource_uuid like 0x<EXISTED UUID1> or own_resource_uuid like 0x<EXISTED UUID2>



CA Service Desk 17.1 and higher.


Those two records have the duplicated key on the CORA rule. In order to avoid the problem, it is necessary to modify the existed configuration item without a duplicate key. 

Please modify the value on the CI detail screen so as not to duplicate the key.

After fixing the duplication, the problem will not occur by the next coracleanup execution.