EDR: Unable to Modify Sensor Group Settings
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EDR: Unable to Modify Sensor Group Settings


Article ID: 288114


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


  • Unable to save changes to the Sensor Group settings
  • On-screen messages appear in the CB Response UI:
"Saved sensor group settings"
"Error saving sensor group settings"



  • EDR Server: 6.3.x and Higher
  • Multiple sensor groups with matching names


  • This may occur when there are 2 or more sensor groups with the same name.


  1. Delete one of the duplicate sensor groups.
  2. Re-create the sensor group with a different name. 

Additional Information

  • If it's not possible to delete the sensor group, or if it would require considerable effort to do so (ie, there are many endpoints that would need to be re-assigned), then open a tech support case with Carbon Black Support. 
  • Older version of CB Response/EDR 6.x allowed sensor groups with duplicate names to get created, but this is not possible in 6.3.x and later. 
  • In EDR 7.5 and Higher it is no longer possible to include Hyphens - in the sensor group name which will also cause this error