CB Response: Dwell Time Graph is Cut-off
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CB Response: Dwell Time Graph is Cut-off


Article ID: 287993


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


The time stamp on the left side of the Dwell Time graph is cut-off


  • Carbon Black Response Console: All Versions


Dwell Time is in seconds. After 4 digit seconds it is no longer visibile


  1. This is being corrected with CB-27773
  2. As a workaround you can utilize Chrome Developer Tools
    1. Open the HUD Page
    2. Open Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I) 
    3. Go to the Network tab and hit the circle to record 
    4. Under the name section find the "binarydwell/" and click on that. 
    5. While on the binarydwell, select the Preview column 
    6. From here, there are triangle dropdowns. This will provide you with binary and dwell. If you click the binaries to drop down you will see a list of all the age_in_seconds. Drop down even further to investigate the hash, as well as start and end times.