EDR: Nginx Not Starting with duplicate location "/connector/"
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EDR: Nginx Not Starting with duplicate location "/connector/"


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


  • Previous connector install such as Cb-Yara-Manager that required proxy_pass port forwarding
  • /var/log/cb/nginx/startup.log shows an error similar to  
nginx: [emerg] duplicate location "/connector/" in /etc/cb/nginx/conf.d/includes/cb.server.custom:17


  • EDR Server: 7.5.0 and higher


7.5.0 includes Yara Manager built into the product and available in the console. An older configuration has a listener for /connector and nginx has detected a duplicate


  1. Look at the file path in the error message to determine the duplicate location. If the error is on cb.server.api, use the following command to find the other file. It will most likely be /etc/cb/nginx/conf.d/includes/cb.server.custom
    find /etc/cb/nginx/conf.d/includes -type f -exec grep -il 'connector' {} \;
  2. Edit the file and remove the section /connector and anything within the curly brackets of that location area, saving the file once complete
    location /connector/ {
  3. Start up nginx service
    /usr/share/cb/cbservice cb-nginx start