Hosted EDR: Unable to Access Users Tab with 502 Bad Gateway
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Hosted EDR: Unable to Access Users Tab with 502 Bad Gateway


Article ID: 287914


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Carbon Black Hosted EDR (formerly Cb Response Cloud)


When clicking on the users tab, a 502 Bad Gateway message is shown


  • Hosted EDR: All Versions


Python lxml library was updated causing instability in the call used to the SAML provider to access the page


1/11/2024 - This has been fixed

A recent occurrence involving the release of the new version (5.0.0 and above) of the Python lxml library on December 30th has been identified as the root cause of the problem. This new version was automatically installed during the construction of portal containers, as it is a part of the dependent library.
Mitigation Strategy:
To address the issue, we have taken proactive measures by locking the lxml version to 4.9.3 in the flask requirements.txt file. This deliberate version constraint ensures compatibility and stability in our system, preventing any adverse effects associated with the newer versions.
The issue has been documented and discussed on the following GitHub repositories:
  1. python3-saml
  2. python-xmlsec
These references provide additional context and insights into the challenges posed by the new lxml versions and the rationale behind our decision to lock the version in our requirements. (edited)