EDR: Cloud Server going into Maintenance mode
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EDR: Cloud Server going into Maintenance mode


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


  • Cloud server is going into maintenance mode randomly stoping users from logging in.
  • This may occur daily around the same time or multiple times a day
  • UI comes back up after autohealing, generally within 10 minutes
  • Similar message to the below in /var/log/cb/enterprise/enterprise.log
    2018-08-30 13:40:24 [17053] <warning> cb.enterprise.tasks.server_health_monitor.indicators.pg_stats - The following 1 queries have been running for over 60 seconds:
    2018-08-30 13:40:24 [17053] <warning> cb.enterprise.tasks.server_health_monitor.indicators.pg_stats - 1) [query -> UPDATE sensor_registrations SET build_id = $1,event_log_flush_time = 
    $2,group_id = $3,id = $4,liveresponse_init = $5,network_isolation_enabled = $6,restart_queued = $7,uninstall = $8 WHERE id = $9], [pid -> 13428], [usename -> cb], [application_name -> 
    PostgreSQL JDBC Driver], [client_addr ->], [client_hostname -> None], [client_port -> 53699], [query_start -> 2018-08-30 13:39:20], [query_duration -> 0:01:03]


  • Hosted EDR: 6.2.3 and Higher


Sensor check ins with newly added health checks cause performance issues seen with High CPU spikes. This causes the UI to fail and we bring it back up with an autoheal. 


  • Extend the check in times for the sensor in /etc/cb/cb.conf to 240 seconds

Additional Information

  • This has only been seen through Cloud so far
  • The parameter extends the amount of time the sensors will try to check in reducing the stress on the Server