Daylight Savings Time Change Impact on SMR
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Daylight Savings Time Change Impact on SMR


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If I change the time on my operating system by a command such as SET TIMEZONE=W09.00, will SMR adjust its times?

The short answer is no. We do not have a way to avoid recycling SMR when changing the operating system time. 

If, for example, your system has ETR MODE=YES and you use operator command SET TIMEZONE=Wnn.nn to set local time, then SMR will close out your logs at unexpected times.

CA SMR determines the system clock time on initial startup, and calculates the required wait to get to either the BASE time or one of the INT times. At that point the first SMRWTR is triggered and then CA-SMR uses STIMER WAIT for the specified INT value to get to the next SMRWTR time. For this reason it is necessary to stop and restart CA-SMR if the system clock is altered.                                     


Release: ESBSMR99000-3.4-Extended Support Basic-for CA SMR