EDR: How to do a Silent Installation of MacOS Sensors
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EDR: How to do a Silent Installation of MacOS Sensors


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


  • How can we install the EDR Sensor silently to macOS clients?


  • EDR Server: All Supported Versions
  • EDR MacOS Sensor: All Supported Versions


  • Yes, silent installation can be done as described in the most recent EDR User Guide.
    1. In the navigation bar of the EDR console, click Sensors to display the Sensors page.
    2. In the Groups panel, select the sensor group for installing the sensor package.
    3. From the Download Sensor Installer list at the top of the Sensors page, select OSX Standalone PKG.  The sensor package file is downloaded to your system.
    4. In the operating system, do the following:
      • Copy the <install package name>.zip sensor installation package to the macOS endpoint.
      • Extract the <install package name>.zip file to a temporary folder. Do not skip this step.
      • From the extracted .zip file, double-click to run the .pkg file, and then follow the installation prompts.
      • You can also launch the .pkg file by using a silent installer.
        • For example: installer -pkg <install package name>.pkg -target /
      • This installs the macOS sensor using the configuration that is provided in the sensorsettings.ini file.