The ACWP amount is not rolled up the Task Hierarchy
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The ACWP amount is not rolled up the Task Hierarchy


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We are comparing the Project ACWP value to the individual Task ACWP values. There is an inconsistency in some projects where the individual Task ACWP value is higher than the Project ACWP. We tried updating the values by executing the 'Update Earned Value' job and also by selecting all the Tasks and clicking the 'Update Costs' value. What could cause this discrepancy and how can we update the total ACWP for the project?


When you click the 'Update Costs' action for the selected Tasks you are executing the same code for the 'Update Earned Value' job.  So both actions should update the ACWP at all levels of the Task Hierarchy.  Examine the background log (BG-CA.LOG) file for error messages.  If you see the following message, this indicates a broken link in the sequencing of the Task Hierarchy.  

ERROR 2015-12-08 05:05:57,809 [Dispatch pool-5-thread-7 : bg@localhost (tenant=clarity)] Utils.EVSlicer 
(clarity:admin:16595786__808E17B3-784D-4349-360A-84DBE0302591: Update Earned Value Totals)  
EVProjectElement.AddTaskElement:  Cannot find parent task [seqNum= 24] for taskID 5365278 


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:  

1. Go to the project and locate the Task identified by the internal Task ID value in the error message  
2. Move this task to the top level of the hierarchy and then move it back to the original location 
3. This will update the sequence number and restore the parent-child relationship of the task in the hierarchy 
4. Execute the 'Update Earned Value' job again for the entire project 
5. Check the ACWP values in the UI

Alternatively, if the task does not appear on the gantt, follow the following set of steps instead: 

1. Xog out the three affected projects 
2. In the XML replace, all instances of: 




3. Xog the project back in 
4. Flush the PPM cache 

If a discrepancy still appears, check the BG log again for further messages and repeat the steps if necessary.