Sysview for Db2 CALL-GSS=NO and Db2 message option.
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Sysview for Db2 CALL-GSS=NO and Db2 message option.


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


CALL-GSS is uncommented and turned off (CALL-GSS=NO) in the Sysview for Db2 for z/OS (IDB2) Data Collector sysparms,
the Data Collector is recycled after that but Db2 messages in option 4 still show up. How is that possible?  


CALL-GSS=NO will stop Insight from invoking IMODs and writing to the ILOGs from REQUESTS.  In other words, Insight requests
can have an output destination of IMOD(xxx) or ILOG(xxx). If CALL-GSS=NO is specified, then the IMOD/ILOG function will NOT
be invoked for those requests. Requests DB2CMDS (DB2 Commands) and UTILTRAC (Utilities) use the ILOG destination.

You can also define an Exception to write to the ILOG, and that is also controlled by CALL-GSS=YES|NO.

Db2 messages (option 4 from IDB2 Main Menu), however, are not under IDB2 control. This processing occurs completely under GSS.
Therefore, if you use CALL-GSS=NO you should see ONLY Db2 messages. In other words, no messages from exceptions, commands, or utilities will be seen.

To stop Insight from displaying the Db2 message you need to remove  the definitions in the GSS Parmlib deck. You can also change the
Data Collector sysparm MSSUB to some invalid value that does not match the GSS subsystem name (Default of ISRV).
The messages would still be captured and written to the ILOGs but you will not be able to see them from option 4.