About CA Date Simulator and Language Environment requirements
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About CA Date Simulator and Language Environment requirements


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Date Simulator


CA Date Simulator operates by intercepting the fetch for LOADed modules.
If the module being loaded is the target of a SET JOB... STCK(modname,offset, then Date Simulator will replace the STCK with the Date Simulator SVC call.                                      


Release: TCDASM00200-2-Date Simulator


There are several circumstances where a LOAD request does not perform a FETCH.  This happens with LLA/VLF, and PDS/E, and when products like CA-Quick Fetch are involved.                 
To resolve this, CA Date Simulator recommends copying the routine CEEPLPKA for COBOL and CEEEV003 for C/C++ to a PDS library with a different name that is not under the control of anything that prevents the FETCH. Then that library DSN is used in jobs as a JOBLIB or STEPLIB DD for any steps that contain TIME/DATE sensitive processing the user intends to alter (warp).            
The copied modules in the private library must be kept in sync with the remaining CEE modules in the SCEERUN library.