Client Automation - Prevent the Host UUID from changing on virtualized environments
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Client Automation - Prevent the Host UUID from changing on virtualized environments


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When a system is virtualized some unexpected behavior is noticed such as

  • causing an RAC job to be initiated
  • Scalability server components become unregistered
  • Manager become inoperable.


Client Automation - All Versions


When a system is virtualized the Hardware change causes the HostUUID to be recalculated


Follow the guidelines below and there should not be any issues with virtualizing the systems

  1. Managers cannot change their name, not even the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). If the name is changed the Managers will suffer multiple issues. Changing the Name of a Manager System is not supported
  2. If a Manager or Scalability server changes it's IP then this must resolve correctly in DNS
  3. prevent the HostUUID from changing by locking it.
    •  Windows
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComputerAssociates\HostUUID
        and add the STRING
        value =1
    • Unix \ Linux
      • Create a new file named "calockuuid" in the folder "/etc"
  4. Test the entire process in a sandbox environment before attempting this on a production system.

Additional Information

Ensure you have a full Backup as per the Client automation Backup and restore procedure explained in the official documentation: 

Backup and Restore Procedures for DSM Managers on Microsoft SQL Server MDB

Backup and Restore Procedures on an Oracle Database