Container Essentials: How to uninstall
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Container Essentials: How to uninstall


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Carbon Black Cloud Container


How to uninstall VMware Carbon Black Container Essentials on a Kubernetes Cluster.


  • VMware Carbon Black┬áContainer Essentials: All Versions


  1. Remove the Octarine custom resource.
    Kubectl -n octarine-dataplane delete octarine
  2. Remove the complete namespace with the operator and associated resources.
    Kubectl delete namespace octarine-dataplane.
  3. Remove the cluster scope ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBindings.
    Kubectl delete clusterrole octarine-operator
    Kubectl delete clusterrolebinding octarine-operator
  4. Remove the cluster from the UI.

Additional Information

Failing to remove the Octarine custom resources before removing the operator will cause the Octarine components to be un-removable as there will be no operator to handle removal.