CB Response: Alerts are Received Later than the Timestamp
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CB Response: Alerts are Received Later than the Timestamp


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


Alerts appear to be sent late for an event. 


  • Carbon Black Response Console: All Versions


A new watchlist query with over 100 matches causes other watchlists to tag the same process again


  • This is currently working as designed. CB-29895 is an enhancement request to improve on the design
  • To avoid this, before creating a watchlist utilize the process search page to get the total hits. If there is over 100 matches, there is a possibility this will tag processes already tagged by another watchlist earlier and cause the same. Tune the watchlist to minimize the amount of matches if possible. 

Additional Information

  • Watchlists run every 10 minutes by default. A new watchlist will start at the beginning of time, searching all older events stored in Solr. 
  • The watchlist search job will only search the first 100 hits before moving on to the next watchlist
  • When a watchlist tags an event, a new segment is created within the Solr doc copying the information over with a reference id to the original event.