App Control: Files on Computers Missing New Files and File Prevalence Not Updating
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App Control: Files on Computers Missing New Files and File Prevalence Not Updating


Article ID: 286806


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


  • No new files appearing in File Catalog 
  • Assets > Files > Files on Computers showing no new results
  • Tools > Find Files page showing no new results
  • File Prevalence Not Updating


  • App Control Serrver: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express: All Supported Versions


  • DAS database has reached/exceeded the size specified in the Shepherd Config Property, "DisableTrackingCutoffDatabaseSizeMB".
  • When the size specified in "DisableTrackingCutoffDatabaseSizeMB" is reached, the Shepherd Config, "TrackFileInstances" is set to false.


    1. Login to the Console
    2. Navigate to https://YourServer/shepherd_config.php.
    3. Find the Property, TrackFileInstances and confirm the Value is, currently "false".
    4. Find the Property, DisableTrackingCutoffDatabaseSizeMB and change the Value to 7400.
    5. Find the Property, TrackFileInstances and change the Value back to, "true".
    6. All endpoints missing file information will need to be resynced by following this process.
    7. Take steps to reduce the size of the das database.

    Additional Information

    • When installed on SQL Express DisableTrackingCutoffDatabaseSizeMB is set to 3700 by default.
    • To avoid this in the future, consider upgrading the SQL Express server to SQL Standard (or higher) to avoid database size limitations:
      • DisableTrackingCutoffDatabaseSizeMB can be set to 0 after upgrading to SQL Standard (or higher).
      • DisableTrackingCutoffDatabaseSizeMB is default set to 0 when initially installed on SQL Standard (or higher).