App Control: Why Do the Agents & Server Seem to be Reaching Out to Unknown IP Addresses?
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App Control: Why Do the Agents & Server Seem to be Reaching Out to Unknown IP Addresses?


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


Why are the Agents and the Server seem to be reaching out to unknown IP Addresses?


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • App Control Agent: All Supported Versions
  • Microsoft Windows; All Supported Versions


This will occur when the Server or Agent uses the Microsoft CrytoAPI to perform local certificate and publisher validation requests. This is expected behavior.

Additional Information

  • The App Control server will also reach out in order to verify certificate information once per week to various CRLs
  • If needed Capi logging can be enabled per this article to identify CryptoAPI traffic
  • More information is available in the User Guide:
    Note: Regardless of whether agent-based certificate revocation checks are enabled, the Carbon Black 
    App Control Server validates certificates in its inventory on a recurring basis to make
    sure that they have not been revoked. This validation generally occurs on a weekly basis and
    involves downloading certificate revocation lists (CRLs) from registration authorities or making
    Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) calls to OCSP responders. These downloads can involve
    a variety of sites in a variety of countries.
    Server-based validation checks inform administrators when the status of a certificate changes,
    but they do not affect enforcement of rules. Enable agent-based revocation checks if you want
    revocations to affect rule behavior.