New Release and Product Update Notifications
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New Release and Product Update Notifications


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


How to be notified of new releases and product updates either via the Support Portal or in the Console.


  • App Control Server: All Supported Versions
  • App Control Agent: All Supported Versions


Notifications via Support Portal:

  1. Log in to the Support Portal
  2. Upper-right corner > Your Name > Notification Settings
  3. Enter App Control in: Search by Product Name.
  4. Enable the desired Notifications.

Notifications via Health Indicators:

  1. Verify connectivity with the Reputation Service (CDC).
    • Health Indicators are updated via the Backend Connection.
    • Health Indicators are updated shortly after General Availability of Agent, Rules or Server releases.
  2. Log in to the Console and navigate to: Settings > System Health > Product Configuration.
  3. Review relevant Agent, Rules or Server notifications.
  4. If desired, an email can also be sent when the Server receives the new Health Indicator:
    1. Verify Mail Notification for Alerts has been configured properly.
    2. Navigate to Tools > Alerts > System Health Product Configuration Alert
      • Review the Reminder Mail and Auto Reset settings.
      • Add a Subscriber (if not using Global Subscriber).
    3. Save any changes.