App Control: How to Create Template Image for Instant Clones
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App Control: How to Create Template Image for Instant Clones


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


How to Create Template Image for Instant Clones


  • App Control Server: 8.7+
  • App Control Agent: 8.7+
  • VMware Horizon Instant Clone Desktop Pool


  1. Install all required software before installing the App Control Agent (for new installs).
  2. In the Console > Assets > Computers > relevant Computer (Golden Image) > open the Details > Verify:
  3. Shutdown the Golden Image.
  4. In the Console > Computer Details page > right hand menu > Advanced > Create Template Image.
    • After clicking OK to the Warning the Template Details page will load for the new Template Computer.
    • At this time, initiate a Snapshot of the Golden Image in the VSphere Console & Redeploy the Pool using the new Snapshot.
  5. Return to the Console and from the Template Details page specify the:
    • Template Name
    • Clone Inventory settings
    • Clone Cleanup
  6. The defaults for Internal Template should be used:
    Internal Template: Standard
    Check the box if Clones are joined to an Active Directory domain
    Prefix: IT
    Suffix: Leave blank
    Which characters may exist between the prefix and suffix?
    Check the box for "Numbers (0-9)" only
  7. Internal Template Tests: this is used to verify the Instant Clone VM names don't accidentally match the Internal Template name. If they do, this would cause the App Control Clone process to fail.
    • Horizon's default Internal Template name pattern looks like "it1234567", it is very uncommon that this was changed
    • App Control requires the Internal Template name be input in capitals. Example: "it123567" to "IT1234567"
    • For example if the Instant Clones are named as "IT1,IT2..." this will match the pattern of the Internal Template name "IT1234567" and the test will fail
    • To pass the test enter a sample Internal Template name and a sample Instant Clone VM name example:
      Internal Template: DOMAIN\IT12345667
      Clone Machine: DOMAIN\MYCLONE-1
  8. A sample Template Configuration will look like this:
    Template Image in App Control Console for Instant Clone
  9. Save the Template.

Additional Information

  • The Template Image option should only be used for Instant Clones.
  • Reverting the Golden Image to a previous Snapshot will cause the Server to see this as a new Instant Clone and the Unlink process will be required.
  • The Template Computer option should but used for all other Clone types, and should no longer be used for Instant Clones.
  • Updating the Template Image should follow the same process, always use the original Golden Image. Do not use a Clone of a Template.
  • The Golden Image may get removed from Assets > Computers due to Old Computer Cleanup. This will not impact the Template Computer or the Clones.
  • When the Golden Image is booted again, it should show in Assets > Computers again.
  • Unlinking the Clone in Step 2 will require a new Initialization and File Synchronization.
  • Many customers choose the Clone Inventory option, "New and modified files" for Non-persistent environments for performance reasons.
  • More details can be found in the App Control User Guide chapter, "Managing Virtual Machines".