Reset CPE and CVE Data
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Reset CPE and CVE Data


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


How to fully reset all tables containing CPE and CVE data.


  • App Control Server: 8.10.2 and higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server: All Supported Versions


  1. Run SQL Server Management Studio as the Carbon Black Service Account and connect to the das database.
  2. Click New Query and execute the following:
    USE das
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cpe_applications;
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cpe_application_antibody_map;
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cpe_dictionary_items;
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cpe_dictionary_items_helper;
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cpe_unmatched_applications;
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cpe_cve_lookup_table;
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cpe_cve_id_lookup_table;
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cve_dictionary_items;
    TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.cve_dictionary_items_helper;
    UPDATE dbo.shepherd_configs SET value = scd.value
    FROM dbo.shepherd_configs sc
    INNER JOIN dbo.shepherd_configs_defaults scd ON =
    ('CPEApplicationGenerationConnectionTimeout', 'CPEApplicationGenerationConnectionTimeout2', 'CPEDBCommandConnectionTimeout', 'CPEDelayBetweenRequests', 
    'CPEDictionaryURL', 'CPEEnabled', 'CPEFirstSync', 'CPELastApplicationGeneration', 'CPELastApplicationPrune', 'CPELastMatching', 'CPELastQueryDate', 
    'CPELastQueryIndex', 'CPELastQueryStatus', 'CPELastUnsuccessfulQuery', 'CPETotalResults', 'CVEFirstSync', 'CVELastQueryDate', 'CVELastQueryIndex', 
    'CVELastQueryStatus', 'CVELastUnsuccessfulQuery', 'CVETotalResults')
  3. Return to the Console > Assets > Applications > CPE Applications and CVE Instances.
  4. Verify the data is removed before enabling Common Platform Enumeration again.

Additional Information

  • The library from NIST will need to be downloaded again after completing this, which will take time.
  • The App Control Server will need to complete matching between the CPE data and the file catalog, this will take time.