App Control: How To Use Postman to Retrieve Data Via API
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App Control: How To Use Postman to Retrieve Data Via API


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Carbon Black App Control (formerly Cb Protection)


Retrieve data available via Carbon Black's rest API using Postman.


  • App Control API: All supported Versions
  • Postman Utility for Windows


  1. Generate an API Key. 
  2. Launch Postman and create a new HTTP Get Request and specify the API URL using the Server Address. Example:
  3. Specify the required Key & Value combinations in the Query Params for the API Request. Example:
    Key           Value
    Limit         0
    fields        agentVersion,Name
    q             deleted:false
    Note: The URL will adjust dynamically based on the key & value combinations entered in the Query Params.
  4. Click the Authorization tab and specify the API Key using X-Auth-Token. Example:
    • Type: API Key
    • Key: X-Auth-Token
    • Value: API Key from Step 1
    • Add to: Header
  5. Click Send.

Additional Information

  • The above example will pull the Agent Version and Machine Name for all machines currently shown in the Console > Assets > Computers.
  • If using a Self-signed Certificate it may be necessary to disable Postman's SSL Certificate Verification: File > Settings > General > SSL Certificate Verification > OFF.