EDR: How to Execute an Immediate Full Feed Sync
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EDR: How to Execute an Immediate Full Feed Sync


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


Execute an immediate Threat Intelligence feed sync to download latest threat intelligence for all feeds.


  • EDR Server:  All versions


  • For 6.2.1 and earlier EDR server versions, execute as root (master only on a cluster)
/usr/bin/python -m cb.maintenance.job_runner --master -s feed_sync --full-sync
  • For 6.2.2 and later EDR server versions, the "Sync all" option is available on the Threat Intelligence page under Actions

Additional Information

  • Replace "-s" with "-vvv" in the commands when verbose output is required for validation.  Using "-s" will generate a silent feed sync, while "-vvv" will generate verbose feed sync output. 
  • If there are errors faced using the sync all option, there may be command options however utilising the console should be the first option