Troubleshooting Admin Log-in Issues
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Troubleshooting Admin Log-in Issues


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Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard (formerly Cb Defense)


How to troubleshoot admin login issues


  • Carbon Black Cloud Console:  All supported Versions


Before opening a CB Support case, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Check the environment status at
  2. Is Status page showing the production instance as 'Operational'?
  3. What URL is being used to log on? Does the URL match the assigned production instance URL (ReferenceList of the Dashboard URLs )

If above steps have not corrected the issue, please Open a Support Case and the investigation will continue with investigating:

  1. Does the organization exist in the production environment? 
  2. Does the email being used to login exist as an administrator for that organization?
    1. If not, is any Administrator able to add another admin to the organization?
  3. Is a specific authentication type enabled and functioning (SAML/SSO, two-factor authentication)?
    1. Authentication may need to be disabled if not configured or functioning correctly.

Additional Information

Common Causes of administrator log in issues:
  • Incorrect URL being used to log in
  • Production environment status is not 'Operational'
  • Authentication mechanism is not configured correctly
  • Organization does not have administrator role created
  • Organization does not have a Live Response administrator role created