EDR: Are TCP Netconn Events Only for Established Connections?
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EDR: Are TCP Netconn Events Only for Established Connections?


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


Is TCP netconn events only for established connections?


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  • The sensor does see half-open (SYN-flag only) port scans, but only on listening ports where a connection is possible. If a port is closed, then the OS will either drop the scanner's SYN packet (firewall on), or else send a RST (firewall off). In either of these cases, an actual connection is not created. This is an important distinction, due to how the sensor works: The sensor learns about connections via callouts (a callback, but for network functions) from the OS. If the OS does not progress far enough along the code path of establishing a connection, the registered callout functions are never reached, so the driver isn't notified..
  • One really needs to review firewall or perimeter device logs to see exactly what that traffic was doing. 

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There is also no way to search IP by outbound or inbound communication