EDR: Job-runner Logs Missing Cron Jobs
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EDR: Job-runner Logs Missing Cron Jobs


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


  • Solr cores are not optimizing.
  • /var/log/cb/job-runner/jog-runner.log only contains ondemand_cbdiag_check entries.
  • The 'chage -l cb' command lists 'Password expires' and/or 'Account expires' with dates in the past.


  • EDR Server: All versions


The 'cb' user account password expiration and/or account expiration dates may have expired which block the cb account from running necessary processes or create files.


  1. Log into each cluster node (primary + secondary servers) as the root user.
  2. Set the 'cb' user account back to the default settings of a nologin account without expiration dates.
chage -E -1 cb
chage -M -1 cb
chage -l cb
The expected output of the 'chage -l cb' command should be similar to:
# chage -l cb
Last password change				: Jan 22, 2020
Password expires					: never
Password inactive					: never
Account expires						: never
Minimum number of days between password change		: -1
Maximum number of days between password change		: -1
Number of days of warning before password expires	: -1
  1. Confirm cb user settings in /etc/passwd
cb:x:<uid>:<gid>:Service account for VMware Carbon Black EDR:/var/cb:/sbin/nologin
  1. Restart the cluster. 

Additional Information

  • The 'cb' user account is used to run the solr_optimize, watchlist, etc cronjobs.  Some security guidelines (e.g. STIG) require password expirations and/or account expirations.  They are necessary for login accounts, not nologin accounts.
  • The 'cb' user account, required to run EDR, is a nologin account and the password and account should be set to never expire.
  • The 'cb' user account should not be used for any other purpose but to run EDR.  If another non-root user is needed requiring non-root shells and account expiration dates please create another account. See the VMware EDR Cluster Management Guide for details.
  • The Resolution steps above should be run on all nodes, primary + secondary servers.