EDR: service / systemctl Commands Ineffective After EDR 7.4 Upgrade
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EDR: service / systemctl Commands Ineffective After EDR 7.4 Upgrade


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


The service and systemctl commands are ineffective at controlling 'child' services after the 7.4.0 EDR upgrade.


  • EDR Server: 7.4.0 and Higher


  • This was an intentional change to help control services in the CentOS/RHEL environments.
    • Service example:
[user@cbserver ~]$ sudo service cb-pgsql status
cb-pgsql: unrecognized service
[user@cbserver ~]$ service cb-solr status
cb-solr: unrecognized service
  • Systemctl example: 
[user@cbserver ~]$ systemctl status cb-nginx
Failed to stop cb-nginx.service: Unit cb-nginx.service not loaded.
  • This change only effects the EDR 'child' services, not the cb-enterprise and cb-unifiedview parent services.  Start and stop with service and systemctl will still function as intended with the parent services.


  • The individual services can be controlled via the /usr/share/cb/cbservice script in EDR installations 7.4.0 and greater.
  • Syntax: /usr/share/cb/cbservice <service-name> <start | stop | restart | status>
  • Example: 
[user@cbserver ~] ~]$ sudo /usr/share/cb/cbservice cb-pgsql status
cb-pgsql              pid 26943, uptime 6 days, 19:23:54   RUNNING