EDR: How To Backup Unified View
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EDR: How To Backup Unified View


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


How to generate a backup of Unified View configuration and data


EDR Unified View:  6.1.3 and higher


  1. Stop Unified View
service cb-unifiedview stop
  1. Create a backup directory (using /data/backup here, but can be any directory) and change to that directory
mkdir /data/backup
cd /data/backup
  1. Backup the configuration files by running these commands
tar -P --selinux -cvf cbhosts.tar /etc/hosts
tar -P --selinux -cvf cbyum.tar /etc/yum.repos.d
tar -P --selinux -cvf cbiptables.tar /etc/sysconfig/iptables (CentOS 6/RH 6 only)
tar -P --selinux -cvf cbfirewalld.tar /etc/firewalld (CentOS 7/RH 7 only)
tar -P --selinux -cvf cbconfig.tar /etc/cb/
tar -P --selinux -cvf cbrsyslog.tar /etc/rsyslog.conf
tar -P --selinux -cvf cbrsyslogd.tar /etc/rsyslog.d/
tar -P --selinux -cvf cblogrotate.tar /etc/logrotate.d/cb-logrotate.conf
  1. Perform a backup of the Postgres Database
pg_dump -C -Fp -f psqldump_config.sql cb -p 5002
pg_dumpall -p 5002 --roles-only -f psqlroles.sql
  1. Copy the backup location off to a remote location
  2. Start Unified View
service cb-unifiedview start