CB LiveOps: How to Schedule a Query
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CB LiveOps: How to Schedule a Query


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Carbon Black Cloud Audit and Remediation (formerly Cb Live Ops)


Schedule a LiveOps query


  • PSC Console: December 2019 Release (0.51x)
    • PSC LiveOps


  1. Log in to PSC and navigate to the "Live Query" page
  2. To run an ad-hoc query, select "Schedule" for the desired query, next to the "Run" button
  3. To run a custom query, select "SQL Query"
  4. Click "Schedule" button or "Schedule query" for custom
  5. Select the desired frequency
  6. Click "Schedule" button
  7. Results will appear in the Scheduled tab under Query Results (under Live Query)

Additional Information

  • Consider the impact of the query you are going to schedule
  • Please keep in mind the schedule time is when the backend will publish the hint to generate the report, not when the reports will run on the target machines
  • Endpoints added to a policy post-schedule creation will be targeted at the next recurrence