EDR: Disk On Server Full Due To Large Files
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EDR: Disk On Server Full Due To Large Files


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


  • EDR Server services will not start
  • 'df -h' command reports partition(s) with 100% disk space used


  • EDR Server: All Versions (formerly CB Response)


Excessive disk space usage from files outside of /var/cb/data directory.


  • Remove common large files from EDR server
    • .hprof files (stack traces associated with SOLR crashes):
      1. Check for presence of .hprof files
        • find /var/log/cb -type f -iname "*.hprof.*"
  1. Remove any .hprof files found:
    • rm -f {full path}/*hprof.old
  • Diagnostic files
  1. Check for presence of diagnostic files
    • find / -type f -iname "cbdiag*"
  2. Remove any diagnostic files found:
    • rm -f {full path}/*.cbdiag
  • RPM files
  1. Remove RPM files from yum repository
    • yum clean all
  2. Disable yum caching option:
a. vi /etc/yum.conf file
b. Add or modify following parameter/value: keepcache=0

Additional Information

If disk usage is still near 100%, following command will help determine if SOLR or Modulestore are accounting for disk space usage:

du -h /var/cb/data/ --max-depth=1