EDR: Swap space is showing as 0 on EDR Instance
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EDR: Swap space is showing as 0 on EDR Instance


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Carbon Black EDR (formerly Cb Response)


When the command 'free' or 'top' is typed into the response server command line the output includes the line : 
          total      used        free
Swap      0            0            0



  • EDR Server: 6.x
  • EDR Server: 7.x


  • This is normal for a standard EDR installation. If the server has been sized correctly according to the EDR OER guide and the amount of RAM is sufficient then swap will not be needed(or very minimally needed in the case of being OOM).
  • Check the Mem: line from the 'free' command to make sure that there is a good headroom of available RAM.
  • Configuring swap space would be done at OS level rather than from EDR, but having an EDR instance actively using swap is not recommended as performance can degrade.  We, instead, suggest using as much physical RAM as possible.  For our recommendations on setting swappiness, please see the KB below in the 'Related Content'.