XCOMM0186E - LU zz RC xx FDBK2 yy SENSE nnnn nnnn VTAM Command ccccc
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XCOMM0186E - LU zz RC xx FDBK2 yy SENSE nnnn nnnn VTAM Command ccccc


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


A Session needs to be established between partners before a transfer can begin.


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS
Component: xcmvs


This error message indicates that XCOM is attempting a transfer but it is failing because VTAM/SNA can not establish or maintain a connection.


The RC zz FDBK2 yy SENSE CODE nnnn refers to the specific reason for the failure. This sense codes are returned from APPC or VTAM.  This error could be the result of incorrect parameter values being passed to the APPC or VTAM, or conditions present in the network at the time of the transfer or attempted transfer.

Here are some of the more common error codes.

0835 xxxx  Invalid Parameter. This error code means there is a mismatch in the bind at position xxxx of the bind.

084C 0000 Transaction Program not available. Normally this means that the TP or Transaction Program can not be found.

0864 ? Function terminated abnormally.

087D ? Session services path error. This error is the result of XCOM or any application requesting a session be established between 2 partners but VTAM can not find a path between them.

0889 0000 ? GDS Message Follows. The message that follows is normally specific.

Here are some of the more common Return Codes / FeedBack Codes. The Return codes or RC= are normally seen with a related sense code and possibly other messages. The message should be looked at in its entirety.

RC 10 FDBK2 00  Logical unit not available if command is Simlogon. The LU needs to be active for session establishment to occur.

RC 10 FDBK2 01 OPNDST failed. This is a session establishment error. Adding LOGMODE=XCOMMODE in the destination member or changing it in the XCOMDFLTAB may resolve this error condition.