Delete action is not available for Software Releases
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Delete action is not available for Software Releases


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IT Management Suite


You have multiple software packages that were imported in the past and no longer needed. After upgrading to 8.7.1 release, you have noticed a large number of software packages that you are trying to delete but you do not have the "delete" option in the right-click context menu when you go under Manage>Software>All Software>All Software Releases:  

As you used to have in previous versions:

However, if you go under Manage>All Resources>Default>Package and select those same packages, the option is there:


ITMS 8.7 GA and 8.7.1


Known Issue. This issue was introduced with recent changes with 8.7.1 release:

The stored procedure "spIsdeletableResource" which was introduced/changed in 8.7.1 release is to blame. It does not allow to delete resources with "system" attributes.

Deletion prerequisite is not configurable on a per resource type basis in that procedure.

Historically all software components being imported manually or certain ASDK API into the Software Catalog have system attributes.


This issue has been fixed with our ITMS 8.7.2 Release.

A pointfix is available for customers with 8.7.1 version. Install the most recent version of SMA_SMP_8_7_1_PF (starting since version 4) file under KB 273903