GEN Runtime Java Proxies - CACHETIMEOUT
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GEN Runtime Java Proxies - CACHETIMEOUT


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If CACHETIMEOUT is missing in Java proxies with comcfg refresh ,then runtime uses a different refresh interval as writing in the log messages

The cache refresh is not done in a thread safe way.

With a condition CATCHETIMEOUT is not explicitly set to never then it require lots of parallel requests and lots of cache refreshes to trigger the Java runtime bug.

If a specific request hits the refresh bug, it will run like if the comcfg was empty (resulting in a connection refused Exception).


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Run Time, Proxies


The recommendation is  to set the CACHETIMEOUT safely to NEVER.

The proxy will read the contents of the into memory and it will not read again

There is really is no reason for the file to be read again unless the contents of the file is changed while being used.

While using Java proxies there is no need to change the file content